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So what's in a Name? 

 Many people have commented and are guessing about the origin of the name:

Consciousness or awareness in its broadest sense, is the ability to evaluate and react to the circumstances we find ourselves in. Our mind (ego) apportions certain feelings and sentiments to situations in an often very subtle manner, which for most of the time we are not even aware of. Why we do certain things, or why we don’t do certain things, why we don’t like this or that and many similar daily interactions with life are driven predominantly by a pleasure or fear principle.

The power of choice lies in the fact of being conscious about the situational reality as it is, and not as it is perceived. The “is-ness” of the situation is, that it “is”, despite one’s own possible misgiving or feelings as to what it should be, could be, ought to be and so forth. Upon acceptance of the situation “as it is” (not remaining in denial) immediately gives one the power of choice to act differently if so required (desired), thereby being influential in obtaining a different result in the future. (cause and effect) Having the power to choose (instead of feeling helpless or being the victim) is extremely liberating and is usually the precursor to personal growth and change.

The crux of the matter however, is to be aware or conscious of these subtle tell tale signs of life, and not to be consumed by one’s own story or perception of how it should be, why it’s unfair and so forth in order to appease the ego. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to critically perceive the situational reality without emotion or feelings, in other words, accepting what “is”.

For example: if you are late for a meeting, there are usually 100 or so excuses, ranging from traffic to road-works via secretary and incorrect alarms. The “is-ness” of the matter is that you are late for the meeting. What you could or should have done to be on time is not the issue, neither the fact whether it bothers you or not that you are late. You still remain late.  The moment you become conscious of the fact (admit without emotional drama) that you are the reason for being late, (you and not the circumstance), a myriad of future remedial options and alternatives become available. Not so if you remain in denial and keep blaming others or other circumstances for your “lateness”.

Understanding and accepting what “is” is a very liberating concept in being able to regain power, make choices and move on with life. This emergence within consciousness is embedded in the “is” of

The dot-com symbolises the energy and innovation of our products and approach to this complex psychosocial leadership domain, reminiscent of the dot-com era.

And that’s the story behind the name of


 Meet the People of   

  Riaan Neethling  

Riaan Neethling has an MA in Industrial Psychology. He is a Registered Industrial Psychologist and Management Consultant. After 27 years with Eskom in many different capacities, he decided to take “early retirement” in 2007. At the time he was Senior General Manager in the Office of the Chief Executive. During his later years in Eskom and since then his focus was on organizational change and development; restructuring and transformation; business strategy and planning; conflict resolution; diversity management; community development and mentoring.

  Riaan is an advocate for the advancement of higher levels of morality, ethics and consciousness in the leadership of organisations and institutions at all levels in South Africa. He believes that creative and sustainable solutions are required to deal with complex business and societal issues not only in the shorter-term interest of organisations, but also the longer-term interest of employees, communities, the country and ultimately the planet at large. His proposition is that a fundamental shift in the consciousness of leadership is required to make a real and sustainable difference to the current sad state of affairs. Riaan is the co-author with Jürgen Seifert of the authentic leadership series which is currently in progress.


  Jürgen Seifert

Dr. Jürgen Seifert has an engineering background. He started his career as a Commissioning Engineer with Siemens and later joined Scientific Instrumentation as Sales Manager. He then started his own lighting manufacturing company. Besides manufacturing, the company also imported and distributed a wide range of lighting products for high end retail customers. Whilst running his company, Jürgen continued to develop his skills in self-empowerment, change management and coaching. He also has a keen interest in aviation and achieved his first solo flight 2003.  

Jürgen has a PhD in the Management of Technology and Innovation. His doctorate thesis entailed the development of a coaching methodology for commercial pilots aimed at increasing aviation safety through enhanced situational awareness. Jürgen has a passion for continuous improvement, especially in the areas of self-empowerment, resilience and enhanced consciousness as the means to successfully adapt to constant environmental change. Besides consciousness coaching and the writing of modules for the Da Vinci University’s Aviation Program, he is the co-author with Riaan Neethling of the unfolding authentic leadership series aimed at liberating transformational leadership potential.  



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