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The Consc-is-ness.com credo is driven by our passion to make a tangable and sustainable difference in the leadership domain. Although our range of service offerings are aimed at authentic leading and living through enhanced levels of consciousness, we prefer not to deliver standardised, one size fits all, off-the-shelf products. All our services are structured around a client’s unique needs and it incorporates a partnership approach for the achievement of agreed outcomes based on measurable results and a positive impact on a client’s business.

Consc-is-ness.com offers it’s clients:

  • broad-based business experience,
  • tailor-made solutions,
  •  holistic and outcome-based interventions,
  • a focus on growth and empowerment (working with and through people), and
  • absolute integrity and commitment.


A summary of our services offered include the following:

  • complimentary introductory session;
  • business analysis and assessment;
  • higher consciousness leadership workshop;
  • business purpose and visioning excercise;
  • higher consciousness working and living workshop;
  • culture and values reframing and alignment;
  • coaching and mentoring, and
  • human resources systems and practices alignment

For more detailed information on any of these services, please see below.


Introductory Session

The introductory session is aimed at a client’s senior leadership team. The objectives are to:

  • introduce Consc-is-ness.com to the client,
  • consider the complex and demanding business environment,
  • reflect on the value-destroying impact of non-authentic behaviour by leaders and employees,
  • demonstrate how consciousness-driven leadership can transform businesses and the benefits thereof,
  • demonstrate how values-driven productivity and sustainability can be achieved,
  • indicate how Consc-is-ness.com may be able to help a client transform his/her business.

The free, introductory one hour session affords the potential client an opportunity to review its leadership strategy and consider how it could be repositioned to transform the organisation into “the best it can be” state. This one hour introductory session could be the best investment ever, at no cost to you, the client.  


Business Analysis and Assessment

The business analysis and assessment is aimed at providing a “snap shot” of a client’s organisation. It will reflect the “as is” state of the organisation and in particular it’s business culture and values. Without a proper understanding of the current “is-ness” of things and the true causes and effects thereof it is impossible to successfully introduce any change strategies.

Change management is often put forward as a solution to business challenges but requires careful consideration. Properly researched and cause-driven change management strategies can be very successful, but a variety of so-called “change management” initiatives which are not anchored in a proper systemic understanding of specific causes and effects applicable to business, often do more damage than good. Hence many “change management” strategies fail or do not achieve sustainable outcomes in the longer-term.

The business analysis and assessment will enable a client to step back and “look in” on his/her organisation and see it “as it is” without any pre-conceived perceptions, judgements and opinions. It will open the door to “seeing” and understanding the “reality” about the state of the business by exposing hidden facts, denied situations and ignored warning signs. It is a reality that leaders and employees are often so wrapped up in their own “stories” about a situation that they become oblivious to the facts of what really “is”. Only when one “sees, understands and acknowledges” the real “is-ness” of things will one be able to successfully deal with undesirable situations by working towards a different outcome (effect) by addressing the right source (appropriate cause).


Higher Consciousness Leadership Workshop

The higher consciousness leadership workshop is aimed at leaders at all levels. It is a two-day workshop that can be presented in one single session or over two separate days depending on a client’s needs and circumstances. 

The workshop addresses:

  • the demanding business environment,
  • the impact of its stressors and pressure on leaders and employees,
  • employee value-systems and business cultures,
  • the cost of non-consciousness,
  • the business benefits of conscious leadership,
  • how leaders can transform themselves and their organisations through enhanced levels of consciousness,
  • possible non-authentic business practices in the client’s organisation,
  • the client’s organisational business culture, prevailing leadership values and the impact thereof.

It challenges the role of leadership in the prevailing environment and offers new perspectives. Participating leaders reflect on their business leadership strategy, their personal values and the positive personal and business change they would like to experience when embarking on a journey of conscious leadership towards values-driven productivity and sustainability.

The world is becoming increasingly complex. Many industries are plagued by adversarial business relations, destructive competitive behaviour, distrust between managers and employees, increased industrial action, a lack of authority and discipline, incompetence and poor service delivery. These value-destroying realities will increasingly lead to reputational damage, decreased brand value and a loss of market share and profitability.  

Waking up to, and dealing with these realities will require transformational leadership originating within the ranks of the executive leadership team. After all, it needs to be established whether the existing leadership core is part of the solution or actually part of the problem (albeit sub-consciously). Conscious Leadership will change the “essence of being” of leaders, managers and employees within a client’s organisation.

Waking up to, and dealing with these realities will require transformational leadership originating within the ranks of the executive leadership team. After all, it needs to be established whether the  Business Purpose and Visioning Exercise

The business purpose and visioning exercise is aimed at the executive leadership team, but also involves manager and employee participation processes structured around the nature of the client’s organisation.

As part of a strategic purpose and visioning exercise the senior leadership team need to conduct a fundamental assessment of the organisation, its current state and future potential. Strategic planning parameters must be included in the process but it needs to be anchored in an understanding of the business culture and its enabling and disabling impact on strategy execution. There should equally be appropriately structured management and employee participation in the strategic planning and visioning process as well as a clear execution and monitoring strategy. In addition to providing consulting support in the process and depending on client resources and needs, Consc-is-ness.com offers it’s expertise in planning and facilitating the strategy sessions and workshops.    

Without a “top down” collective drive towards a future-state based on a positive organisational spirit and emotive passion for the achievement of a new and different future, it is impossible to transform any organisation. It is no longer appropriate nor expedient for the executive team to go on a “bosberaad”, develop a vision, mission and strategy and then “inform” and “instruct” managers and employees on the way forward. This will never enable significant and sustainable change and business success. It is time to move from the traditional approach of strategic planning driven by narrow business parameters to a much more inclusive, holistic and systemic approach. Employees do not buy into a vision if they do not buy into the leadership. Employees also do not buy into a vision if they do not share it at a deeper emotional level and if it does not give increased meaning and purpose to their work in a fundamental way.     

It is a fact that there is a major disconnect between the strategic direction and objectives of many organisations and the “essence of being” of their labour forces. A vision towards a new and different future which is not embedded in the unfolding values of employees and the emerging business culture is doomed to fail. This huge divide between leadership aspirations and employee beliefs and motivations is the reason for many spectacular business failures.  

With Conscious Leadership it becomes possible to align the aspirations of employees with the business purpose and vision in a way which ignites their passion for becoming an integral part of the unfolding business success and sustainability. 


Higher Consciousness Working and Living Workshop

The higher consciousness working and living workshop is a two-day workshop aimed at employees at all levels. While there are some similarities to the higher consciousness leadership workshop, the context and framing of the content is different.

The workshop addresses:

  •  the impact of the demanding environment on individuals,
  • the often self-limiting way in which individuals tend to respond,
  • the value-destroying impact on organisations,
  • the role and effect of value-systems on employees and organisations,
  • the personal benefits of conscious working and living, and
  • how employees can increase their resilience through enhanced levels of consciousness.

The workshop also deals with non-authentic business practices in the client’s organisation, its business culture, leadership values and employee values. It provides employees with a different perspective on their circumstances, how they see and respond to it and improve their ability to deal with the impacts there-of.

For many employees things just seem a little more complicated than they think it ought to be. They feel drained and done in somehow as if they have little control over the journey life is taking them on. Instead of looking forward to change, new challenges and opportunities, they fear and resist it, often unknowingly. They are impacted by the continuously changing environment and its demands and have to confront it, but do not always know how to respond to something, whose origin they do not understand or feel disempowered to change. They are often not aware that they themselves are contributing to the demanding environment, albeit sub-consciously. As a result, they see themselves as “victims” and do not take responsibility for their lives and circumstances. In doing so they become externally focussed and part of the problem and not part of the solution. It should be clear that employees in this state of mind cannot be the best that they can be and neither perform at their top potential.

Employees are often not conscious of the true causes of their unhappiness and the role their perceptions, negative feelings and emotions play in this process. The way they see the problem is often the problem. The good news is that employees can learn how to change their way of thinking about and going about their daily lives in order to live fulfilled and productive lives. The workshop demonstrates to employees the need for a reframing of their mind-sets and a re-interpretation of their realities through a journey of enhanced consciousness. It emphasises the benefits of an internal rather than en external locus of control.

Consider the potentialities that can be unleashed by enabling employees to “free up their minds” and the significant benefits it will have for an organisation.    


Culture and Values Reframing and Alignment Sessions

The culture and values reframing and alignment sessions are aimed at employees at all levels. It can typically be structured as two hour sessions on a monthly basis over a period of time.

The development of higher consciousness is a journey and not an event. Following initial higher consciousness workshops and the setting of a clear path for the organisation there will be an on-going need for increasing the alignment between business and employee culture and values through reframing sessions with employees. The client should ideally develop the necessary internal resources and skills to perform this function in-house, thereby internalising and embedding the process. Consc-is-ness.com can assist clients with the development of internal resources on a train-the-trainer basis.


Coaching and Mentoring

The coaching and mentoring service is aimed at leaders, managers and selected professionals to assist them on their path towards higher consciousness in order to make a real and lasting change.

Change and transformation occur through people. In order to inculcate and sustain a values-based culture, leaders and managers need to set an example and become role models for employees. Leading by “showing” employees how to be and do is much more effective than leading by “telling” them. Coaching and mentoring in periods of significant organisational change and transformation can also assist employees to accept change and align their personal values and aspirations with that of the organisation. It can also assist employees who truly cannot adjust to the change to consider alternatives.       


Human Resources Systems and Practices Alignment Consulting

The HR systems and practices alignment consulting support is aimed at HR Directors and Managers.

In order to facilitate the inculcation of a values-driven culture the organisational HR systems and practices need to be structured in a way which supports this goal. The appropriate positioning of, amongst others, the employment, remuneration, performance management and incentive scheme systems and practices can play a powerful role in this regard, and therefore needs to support the overall change initiative.  



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