A Wake-up Call to Consciousness.....


Who is in charge of your life, your circumstances or you? 

The complexity of modern life, be it in business, at work, or at home, is taking its toll. Everything seems a little more complicated, a little more complex than we think it ought to be. We feel drained and done in somehow as if we have little control over the journey life is taking us on. Instead of looking forward to change, new challenges and opportunities, we fear and resist it, often unknowingly. We do not want to accept that things will get increasingly complicated and demanding. If we want to be content, productive and fulfilled human beings we will need to change our way of thinking about and going about our daily lives. Failure to embrace this challenge will leave us more and more despondent and stressed out. Under such conditions, industrial accidents, absenteeism and occupational fatigue increase, all of which reside under the Human Factors domain.

People that are being influenced by outside forces that they perceive to be in contradiction with how they would want to live under “free choice” generally become stressed and “want out”. They try to change these “negative” forces but often find it futile as they are attempting to change the perceived effects, unconscious of the true causes and the role their negative feelings and emotions play in the process. Their efforts leave them disappointed and demoralised.


Higher consciousness is the key to authentic living and leading. 

The way we see the problem is often the problem. Awareness, mindfulness and compassion are sadly lacking in our society, as is the courage to do what is right. Many people live superficial lives doing all the “right” things for the wrong reasons and are just surviving the “rat-race”. Enhanced levels of consciousness are required to reduce the levels of ego-centric and destructive behaviour and empower businesses and individuals to more appropriately respond to it. Higher consciousness is a critical human capability and the key to authentic living and leading. Conscious, authentic leaders will be required to transform their organisations and employees and make a difference in the world.

Consc-is-ness.com combines systems thinking and consciousness dynamics to assist organisations in inculcating an authentic, values-driven business culture based on a sustainable transformational approach called Conscious Leadership.

The enhancement of personal consciousness in individuals as leaders is the founding principle upon which Conscious Leadership is based. Consciousness in this context is an intensely personal journey of increasing self-actualisation during which the leader “unfolds” his/her full  potential as a human being and releases his/her creative energy in the process. The focus is on personal mastery and excellence through self-realisation. It is about the person first and foremost mastering him- or herself as a human being and a leader before he/she can authentically lead and direct others. People buy into the leader before they buy into his/her vision.


A lack of morality is slowly but surely choking the South African society and economy. Where are the authentic, values-driven leaders needed to turn the situation around before it is too late?

Most people agree that we have a serious leadership crisis in our country as is the case in many parts of the world. South Africa is in turmoil and plagued by opposition and hostility. Value-destroying behaviours are common-place in politics, government, business and society at large. Many industries experience adversarial business relations, destructive competitive practices, distrust between managers and employees, hostile labour relations, a lack of authority and discipline, incompetence, low morale and a lack of commitment. These realities will increasingly lead to reputational damage, decreased brand value and loss of market share and profitability in those organisations that do not respond appropriately. The situation urgently requires higher conscious leaders as role models with a new way of “being” and “doing”, thereby inspiring and leading their followers to new heights.

Conscious leaders know themselves, take responsibility for their lives, see things as they are and respond to it holistically. They are compassionate, authentic, open-minded, pursue life-long learning and growth, understand the needs of and promote the growth and empowerment of their employees. They have the transformational creativity and energy to rise above the ordinary and mobilise employees in a collaborative rather than a prescriptive way. By bringing out the best in themselves, conscious leaders, wherever they are found, are able to also bring out the best in their employees and followers.


Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Consc-is-ness.com also assists groups or individuals to reframe their thinking and behavioural patterns to deal more effectively with the demands of the environment. There is a natural progression from the introduction of higher Conscious Leadership to enhancing the levels of consciousness of managers and employees. The most effective future organisations will be the ones where employees become co-creators of business success rather than barriers to it. The values-driven self-actualisation of an organisation is a journey and not an event but once in progress the positive results will be exponential.


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